Houston, We Have a Potentiometer…

In order to clearly demonstrate how activity streams can function in the Experience API (xAPI) I designed a quick sensor prototype and, with the help of Ron de las Alas, put together a simple standalone system┬áthat would report data from an interaction with an RFID tag to an LRS. The system works pretty well and does not rely on a laptop/desktop or mobile device (well, save for the hotspot that it communicates with for connectivity, but that could be any WLAN). Then I added the potentiometer… Continue Reading

Activity Streams, Sensors and the Experience API

Sometime ago the ADL introduced the Tin Can API to the world and brought the notion of recording user interactions with “activity streams” as a way to capture and measure learning data. Tin Can, since renamed the “Experience API“, is intended to replace SCORM and address all of the issues that have been identified as weaknesses in the existing SCORM API. By many accounts this approach succeeds very well. By others, it fails and lacks definition that is needed to be a solid replacement for SCORM.
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